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Who Was The First Recipient Of Texting Slang “OMG!”?

Steve Wozniak
Bill Gates
George Bush
Winston Churchill
In 18th Century England Hot Drinks Made From What Substance Were A Popular Coffee Alternative?

Answer: Winston Churchill

In the 21st century we’re used to slinging text missives at sonic speeds around the globe but back in the day–Winston Churchill’s day that is–text arrived in a more snailish fashion via the post and telegraphs.

In 2011, the Oxford English Dictionary admitted the texting shorthand outburst “OMG” into the hallowed pages. As part of the acceptance process and extensive review of its use in the English language uncovered the very first written use. While certainly not the first time anyone had written down the exclamation “Oh my God!” when Admiral John Arbuthnot Fisher wrote, in a 1917 letter:

I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis—O.M.G.(Oh! My God!)­—Shower it on the Admiralty!

He unwittingly made Winston Churchill the very first person to receive OMG as a communicative gesture.