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Who Is The Only Person To Have Played Themselves In The Star Trek Universe?

Carl Sagan
Stephen Hawking
Buddy Holly
Jimmy Carter
The Sound Of Your Knuckles Cracking Is Caused By?

Answer: Stephen Hawking

All manner of famous people have appeared in the various incarnations of Star Trek over the years: Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Genghis Khan, and Albert Einstein to name a few. Of all the famous people from our time and before that have appeared on Star Trek, however, there is only one person who has had the pleasure of playing their real-life identity: Stephen Hawking.

Hawking made an appearance as a holographic representation of himself in the sixth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In episode twenty-six, “Descent”, he appears in the Holodeck, along with actors portraying Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, engaged in a round of poker with the ship’s resident android, Data.

The crew and actors recall Hawking’s visit fondly. While on a tour of the set, Hawking was shown the engine room with the ship’s warp core; he paused to key something into his voice-synthesizer and quipped, “I’m working on that.”

Image courtesy of Paramount.