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Who Is The Longest Serving Voice Actor In Video Gaming?

Paul Eiding
Ed Boon
Nolan North
Jennifer Hale
Which Country Has The Highest Rate Of Cremation?

Answer: Ed Boon

In the realm of video game voice acting, there’s not a soul that can hold a candle to Ed Boon’s two decades of voicing video game creations. One of the original Mortal Combat game developers, Boon has given voice to Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion character since 1991 and has done so in all Mortal Kombat games and feature films.

A close runner up top Ed Boon, in terms of longevity and dedication to voicing a single character, is Charles Martinet. Since 1995, Martinet been the voice of Mario in all of the Super Mario franchise games.

Bonus Trivia: Ed Boon is hardly the only developer to find himself with an acting gig as a result of his involvement in video game development. The iconic Command and Conquer series character Kane, leader of the Brotherhood of Nod, is both voiced and played in live-action sequences by Joseph Kucan. Kucan was originally hired on as Westwood Studio’s Director of Dramatic Assets but found himself in front of the camera, ultimately becoming the face of one of their most well known characters.