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Who Is The Longest Recurring Actor In Any Video Game Franchise?

George Takei
Joseph Kucan
Seth Green
Michael Dorn
A Syzygy Is A Rare Event In What Two Distinct Categories?

Answer: Joseph Kucan

Although born Joseph Kucan and sporting a long list of acting accomplishments, millions of gamers across the world simply know him as Kane–the messianic prophet and uber-villain from the long running Command & Conquer video game series.

Kucan was hired by Westwood studios in 1994 and served as their Director of Dramatic Assets for the next 8 years. In addition to directing countless game cut scenes, including all the cut scenes for the Command & Conquer games, Kucan appeared as Kane in every Command & Conquer game except Red Alert 2  and Generals (his absence here is a result of the absence of Kane, not another actor playing the role).

In addition to his role as Kane, Joseph Kucan has also appeared in 24 other games including Dune 2000007: Nightfire, and Pirates: Legend of the Black Kat.