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Which Web Browser Was The First To Feature Tabbed Browsing?

What Popular Online Reference Tool Predates The First Web Browser?
Example of the first tabbed web browser interface
BookLink Technologies

Answer: InternetWorks

Although the concept of GUI tabs dates back decades (and first began appearing in commercial products as early as 1982 with IBM’s WordVision DOS word processor), the first web browser with a tabbed interface did not appear until the mid-1990s.

In 1994, BookLink Technologies released the InternetWorks web browser; InternetWorks’ most prominent feature was a tabbed GUI wherein tabs were laid out across the bottom of the browser pane and new browsing instances were kept within the same application window.

While the interface was copied by other browsers, including Internet Explorer add-on shell NetCaptor and the IBrowse web browser in the late 1990s, tabbed browsing didn’t really take hold until the early 2000s after modern browsers like Opera and Mozilla Firefox adopted the interface style.