Geek Trivia

Which Video Game Was Turned Into A Movie And Then Back Into A Video Game?

Super Mario Bros.
Mega Man
Street Fighter
Tomb Raider
In 1921 The State of Virginia Sent London A Statue of George Washington And?

Answer: Street Fighter

Sometimes, we see a video game that is based on a movie or, less popularly and usually with terrible results, a movie is based on a video game. When a video game is adapted into a movie, the movie is typically a flop, but the franchise itself soldiers on with additional titles that completely ignore what happened in the poorly received movie.

In what may be the most circuitous route the process can take, however, the iconic 1987 fighting game Street Fighter was first a video game, which was then adapted into a live-action movie in 1994 starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, which was then turned back into a Street Fighter game using digitization of character film footage and stock images from the movie. This game based on a movie that was based on a game, 1995’s Street Fighter: The Movie was originally arcade-only, but was later released for PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

Image courtesy of Capcom.