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Which Video Game Series’ Protagonist Derives His Name From Iconic Sci-Fi Writers?

Mass Effect
Super Mario Bros.
Dead Space
The Creator Of Which Iconic Comic Book Character Also Helped Create The Lie Detector?
Electronic Arts

Answer: Dead Space

The Dead Space gaming franchise is a horror/survival-themed third-person space adventure. The franchise focuses on a ship systems¬†engineer who is stranded on a mining starship infested with a deadly alien enemy that has reanimated the crew into an undead form known in the game as “Necromorphs”.

The game’s engineer turned deep-space-survivalist is named Isaac Clarke. The name is a nod to the hard science fiction genre that preceded the franchise and two of the acclaimed writers, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, that are considered founding fathers of the genre.

Isaac Clarke certainly isn’t the only space-faring video game character to lift his name from a real person though. Commander Shepard, of the Mass Effect game franchise, is named after American astronaut Alan Shepard.