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Which Video Game Maker Issued Gaming Gloves In Response To A Lawsuit?

The Ewok Language In Star Wars Is Based On Which Human Languages?

Answer: Nintendo

Although gamers have joked over the years about the stress controllers and gaming put on their hands, it wasn’t until a lawsuit that the issue was formally recognized.

In 2000, the state of New York, on behalf of concerned parents in the state, approached Nintendo of America regarding injuries resulting from children playing Mario Party on the Nintendo 64.

Mario Party contained several mini-games which required extensive and rapid use of the center analog joy stick on the Nintendo 64 controller–such as Paddle Ball, Pedal Power, and Deep Sea Divers. The mini-games required such rapid movements that many children ended up with abrasions, friction burns, and even puncture wounds on their hands.

The lawsuit was never formally filed and Nintendo settled out of court by issuing up to 4 sets of gaming gloves, similar in construction to finger-less weight lifting gloves, to the families involved in the suit.