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Which Video Game Is Considered To Have Defined The Genre Of Real Time Strategy Game?

Command & Conquer
Dungeon Keeper
The Bearded Vulture Survives Almost Entirely On A Surprising Diet Of?

Answer: Command & Conquer

Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games are a staple of the modern video game market with titles from franchises like Age of Empires and StarCraft still enjoying considerable popularity years after their release.

Before the modern titles RTS gamers love, however, there was the title that is widely regarded as the defining point in the RTS genre: Command & Conquer. The iconic title from Westwood Studios is considered the ‘moment’ where all the elements of the budding genre melded into one cohesive game experience.

In real time players vied for resources, used those resources to build up their units and defenses, and fought for control of the map in a way they never had before. The game play in Command & Conquer provided a model for RTS game play that still heavily informs modern games in the genre.

Image courtesy of Westwood Studios.