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Which Video Game Had The Most Expensive Production Budget?

Final Fantasy: XII
Halo 3
Too Human
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Which Popular Children's Toy Was Banned From Secure Facilities?

Answer: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Video games are big business and the most popular games have budgets rivaling Hollywood blockbusters. Among the dozens of games with eyebrows raising production budgets, none comes even close to touching Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Although the developer of the game BioWare has not formally disclosed the production budget, industry analysts have estimated the Star Wars-themed MMORPG cost between $150 to $200 million dollars to produce. In addition to holding the record for largest production budget, the game also holds a record for the largest video game voice over project. Star Wars: The Old Republic has over 200,000 lines of recorded dialogue.

Other notable big-budget games include Grand Theft Auto 4 ($100 million), Too Human ($60 million), Halo 3 ($55 million), and Final Fantasy XII ($48 million).