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Which Video Game Franchise Features Indestructible and Vengeful Chickens?

Legend of Zelda
Assassin's Creed
Medal of Honor
Which Tech Company Maintained A Secret Nuclear Reactor For Over Thirty Years?
Link attacking chickens in Hyrule

Answer: Legend of Zelda

Cuccos are the Hyrulian version of chickens, and made their first appearance in The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past. Chickens in a village aren’t particularly notable, but what happens when you mess with the cuccos is: if you corner and attack one of them, a mass of cuccos, known informally by fans of the franchise as the “Cuccos Revenge Squad”, will descend upon you with a fury. The attack isn’t typically strong enough to kill you, but you quickly learn to leave the chickens alone.

The experience is so memorable that other games have included nods to the chickens-as-a-protected-class motif. If you kill the village chickens in the popular open-world fantasy game Skyrim, for example, the whole town usually turns out to beat you up for assaulting their feathered friends.