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Which Video Game Character Derives His Name From Time Travel?

Which Consumer Product Maintained An Unusually Stable Price For Almost A Century?

Answer: Link

The popular theory on why Link, the young protagonist from the long running Legend of Zelda franchise, was named such is that Link is the link between the player and the mythical world of Hyrule. While that’s a nice take on the hero’s name, it’s not the true reason he was named such.

Shigeru Miyamoto revealed in an interview with Gamekult magazine that Link derives his name from an early design of the original Legend of Zelda game and storyline that focused on the idea that the Triforce pieces (powerful fragments of a mythical artifact) were actually advanced electronic chips from the future.

Link was the literal link between the past and the future (and the individual pieces of the Triforce), and by traveling through time he would bring the past, present, and fragments all together. While elements of time travel have remained in the Legend of Zelda franchise, the game has stayed firmly rooted in the heroic fantasy genre.