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Which U.S. State Has The Most Lighthouses?

The First Computer Sold Exclusively As A Consumer Product Was The?

Answer: Michigan

You want a land with abundant lighthouses? Look to the shores then, friend. It would be easy to think that the state with the most lighthouses must be a state with a lot of ocean shoreline, but you’d be wrong. Ocean-shored states have their fair share of lighthouses to be sure, but oceans are big and offer lots of space to maneuver in, and the points where the ships will be dangerously near the shore are fairly far between.

In Michigan, however, framed on three sides by the Great Lakes, there’s a whole lot less room to move around, shorelines that are varied and treacherous, and a little over 3,000 miles worth of shore for the numerous freighters that traverse the region to run aground on. The state is home to over 150 lighthouses (past and present) that dot the cliffs, dunes, piers, and wharves that line the lakes.

Image courtesy of the United States Coast Guard.