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Which U.S. State Has The Lowest Average Elevation?

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Answer: Delaware

Across the United States, there is quite a variety of individual points that have interesting elevation properties. The highest point in the U.S. is the top of Denali, a mountain in Alaska that also happens to be the highest point in all of North America at 20,310 feet (6,190.5 meters) above sea level. The lowest point is in California, 279 feet (85 meters) below sea level at the bottom of Badwater Basin in Death Valley. Then you’ve even more niche records, like the state with the lowest high elevation, Florida, with a peak elevation of a mere 345 feet (105 meters) above sea level.

Despite its size, having an overall low elevation, and being rather flat, Florida is not the state with the lowest average elevation. That prize goes to the tiny state of Delaware. The average, or mean, elevation of the whole state is a mere 60 feet (20 meters) above sea level despite having an area that is higher in elevation than the highest point in Florida, at 447 feet (136 meters) above sea level.