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Which U.S. State Has The Highest Number Of National Historic Landmarks?

New York
An Episode Of What TV Show Sent Hundreds Of Children To The Hospital?

Answer: New York

If you want to visit the highest number of National Historical Landmarks in the United States while doing the least amount of traveling, then you’d better put yourself in a New York state of mind. The state of New York has the highest number of landmarks by a wide margin (263 in the entire state compared to 187, 166, and 142 in the runners-up Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California).

Not only that, but New York City has more landmarks than any other U.S. city (110) and more landmarks within the city limits than 45 of the U.S. States each have on their own. When in New York City, you can visit such historically significant places as Bell Laboratories (where many things like radar, color television, and the vacuum tube were either outright invented or refined), Carnegie Hall (one of the most famous musical venues in the world), the Flatiron Building¬†(considered the world’s first skyscraper), and the New York Cotton Exchange (the first commodity market in the U.S.) among dozens and dozens of other registered landmarks.

To pack in the same number of landmarks you see in New York City into any other city visits, you’d need to visit Boston (58 landmarks) and Philadelphia (67 landmarks), two cities rich in American history in and of themselves, and visit nearly every single landmark big and small you found there.

Image courtesy of Psongco.