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Which U.S. President Worked At His Own Presidential Library?

Ronald Reagan
Harry Truman
John F. Kennedy
Andrew Jackson
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Answer: Harry Truman

While we’re confident that many a U.S. President has been fond of the presidential library founded in his name, none of them can claim the kind of hands-on affection demonstrated by Harry Truman.

From the day the library opened, President Truman maintained an office there. Despite his retirement from politics, he was hardly idle: he was typically found in his office well before the library opened and would often answer the phones before the staff arrived, giving directions and always enjoying the reaction he received when he announced to surprised callers that they were “talking to the man himself!”

Truman worked closely with library staff to archive, curate, and interpret museum documents, but he always found time to break away for spontaneous “press conferences” where visiting school children could take on the role of reporters and ask him about his presidency and the contents of the library.

Image by Robert E. Nylund.