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Which U.S. City Has A Full Scale Replica Of The Parthenon?

Nashville, TN
Athens, GA
Philadelphia, PA
Las Vegas, NV
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Answer: Nashville, TN

If you’re in the U.S. and you want to get a sense of just how big the Parthenon is—without, you know, flying all the way to Greece—you’ve got a much easier trip: just head to Nashville, Tennessee.

Why Nashville? There in Centennial Park, you’ll find a 1:1 replica, stones and all, of the Parthenon. Why? The building, along with many other no-longer-standing replicas of ancient buildings, was constructed for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial Exposition (a massive celebration of the 100th anniversary of Tennessee’s entry into the Union).

Although the South already has a city named Athens (in Georgia), Nashville was historically referred to as “the Athens of the South” due to the numerous schools and theaters, and the designers of the Centennial Exposition just ran with it.

Today the building still stands as a central fixture in Centennial Park, and serves not only as a point of interest in the local community, but as an art museum.

Image courtesy of Mayur Phadtare.