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Which TV Show Theme Song Changed Every Episode?

The Twilight Zone
Twin Peaks
The First Of The Iconic Cray Supercomputers Was Installed Where?

Answer: Seinfeld

There’s a particular bit about the wildly popular show Seinfeld that even diehard fans may not have realized: every episode has a different theme song. The reason even diehard fans may not have noticed is two fold.

First, the theme song wasn’t fully replaced in each episode (it’s not like one week the song was by one band and then the next week by a totally new band); the theme song was always a variation of itself.

Second, the theme song was purposely reworked every week to have a cadence that matched the delivery of Jerry Seinfeld’s opening monologue. The latter reason is the most likely reason very few people even noticed the changes. It was carefully timed so that the iconic bass line of the theme song was perfectly matched to the timing of the joke and, as such, it always seemed perfectly natural and as if it had always been played at that pace.