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Which Star Wars Actor Became Enormously Wealthy Off The Film’s Royalties?

James Earl Jones
Harrison Ford
Alec Guinness
Mark Hamill
The Only Predator That Regularly Preys On Skunks Is?

Answer: Alec Guinness

Not only was Alec Guinness a brilliant actor, but he was a shrewd businessman. Despite not particularly caring for the Star Wars franchise he so famously starred in, he referred to it as “fairy tale rubbish”, he saw the mass appeal of it and knew the movies would be a wild success.

As such, he negotiated for not just his $150,000 salary for appearing in the films, but 2% of the gross profit paid to George Lucas. The negotiation proved terribly profitable; over the course of his life, Guinness received close to six millions dollars in royalty money.

Image courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.