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Which Spacecraft Was The First To Use Integrated Circuits?

Soyuz 6
Space Shuttle Enterprise
Apollo 11
The Longest Unbroken Treaty In U.S. History Is Between The U.S. And?

Answer: Apollo 11

American and Soviet space exploration programs began long before the advent of integrated circuits and microchips. It wasn’t until well into the Apollo Space Program that a space craft was outfitted with a computer system run by integrated circuits.

All of the manned Apollo moon missions, from Apollo 11 onward, featured two on-board integrated circuit driven computer systems–one in the Command Module and one in the Lunar Module. The system was know as the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) and was developed by the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory for the Apollo Program.

Most notable about the AGC system was not that it took advantage of existing technology and simply absorbed it into the program but that the Apollo program itself was the principle driving force behind advancements in integrated circuit technology in the 1960s.