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Which Song Was Requested By Carl Sagan But Not Included On The Voyager Records?

Here Comes The Sun
Black Hole Sun
2,000 Light Years From Home
Fly Me To The Moon
The Most Critical Feature Of A Gargoyle Is That It Is?

Answer: Here Comes The Sun

Aboard the Voyager spacecraft, along with a plethora of scientific instruments, is a small set of golden records intended to serve as a message-in-a-bottle style communication with whatever alien civilizations the craft might encounter.

The contents of the record were carefully selected for NASA via a Cornell University committee chaired by famed astronomer and cosmologist Carl Sagan. Among the cultural artifacts on the records are one hundred and sixteen images, nature sounds, spoken greetings from global languages, and a variety of songs from around the world.

While the majority of the committee’s song requests were approved, Dr. Sagan was snubbed on one of his wishes: he personally requested that The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun” be included on the records. The Beatles themselves were behind the request, but their label at the time, EMI Records, refused to release the rights to the song for inclusion on the Voyager record. The spacecraft launched in 1977 sans the classic Beatles track.