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Which Simpsons Character Was Originally Intended As Homer’s Secret Identity?

Krusty the Clown
Comic Book Guy
Disco Stu
Mayor Quimby
The Deepest Lake In The United States Is?

Answer: Krusty the Clown

If you’re a Simpsons fan and you’ve noted that Krusty the Clown bears an odd resemblance to Homer Simpson, the similarity is anything but accidental as the animators and writers on the show fully intended Krusty to look like Homer’s clown-makeup bedecked doppleganger.

In the early years of the show, writers toyed with the idea of building a story arc around the premise that Bart thought very little of his own father, Homer, but worshiped Krusty the Clown (a character that looked remarkably¬†like his father), all underpinned by the plot twist that Krusty the Clown was actually Homer Simpson’s secret identity.

Eventually they decided the premise and arc was too convoluted and didn’t fit well with the overarching story, so they kept Bart’s clown-worship but never merged the two characters together.