Geek Trivia

Which Second Generation Game Console Boasted The Most Titles?

The Intellivision
The Magnavox Odyssey
The Atari 5200
The Coleco Vision
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Answer: The Coleco Vision

In the early 1980s Coleco Industries produced a popular second generation game console, the Coleco Vision, that could play more games than any other console on the market.

The source of this claim, however, involves a bit of dubious corporate ethics and some fancy work with copyright law. While the Coleco Vision, in its own right, had wide number of original titles, it was the release of their first Expansion Pack that pushed the number of titles available on the Coleco Vision through the roof.

The first Expansion Pack Coleco Vision offered was none other than a third-party clone of the Atari 2600 which allowed Coleco Vision users to plug any of the hundreds of Atari titles right into their Coleco Vision console. While this kind of blantant ripping off of a competitor’s build would shock modern console gamers, at the time the courts ruled that because the Atari 2600 could be built by anyone with off-the-shelf hardware (if they were so inclined to build their own 2600-clone), Atari could claim no special protection from Coleco Industries’ wholesale lifting of their design.