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Which Sci-Fi Show Was Originally Intended To Be An Educational Family Show?

Lost in Space
Star Trek
Doctor Who
Concerns Over The Stability Of The Brooklyn Bridge Were Silenced By Marching What Over It?

Answer: Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a wildly popular British Sci-Fi show that has delighted Sci-Fi fans for half a century with the adventures of the alien Doctor and his human companions. Although the show is now known as a sort of intergalactic space opera complete with monsters and robot arch-enemies, it was not originally conceived to be such.

The original Doctor Who was intended to be an action-adventure show for children that used The Doctor’s time and space traveling abilities to make historical and astronomical events interesting and accessible. The first four episodes that comprised the first story arc stuck to this mission and focused on a History and English teacher, concerned about a student’s eccentric behavior, getting mixed up with The Doctor and traveling back into the stone age with The Doctor and their young pupil. The show was to continue this pattern but was thrown into a more monster-of-the-week kind of Sci-Fi theme with the introduction of the second story arc. Additional writers brought on for the second story arc steered the show in the direction of a monsters-from-space serial (it was here the Daleks, The Doctor’s robot arch-enemies, make their appearance). The shift in style proved popular with audiences and it set the tone for all future Doctor Who episodes.