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Which Sci-Fi Movie Features An Alien Language The Main Actor Was Fluent In?

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
The Fifth Element
Star Wars
Until The Mid-20th Century, It Was Customary For All New York City Residents To Do What On The Same Day?

Answer: The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element was a 1997 blockbuster directed by Luc Besson based on a story he wrote as a teenager. The Sci-Fi film revolves around an adventure in the 23rd century, alien influences on Earth, and the importance of a young woman in protecting Earth from destruction.

That young woman, played by Milla Jovovich, is capable of speaking an alien language known as “The Divine Language”. While invented languages aren’t exactly uncommon in the world of Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies, it’s rare for actors to actually become fluent in the language they speak on the screen. Besson and Jovovich took the role the language played in the movie seriously, however, and would not only practice speaking in it, but would write letters back and forth to each other before and during the filming to practice with it. As the filming progressed, they became completely fluent in the invented language and could converse both on the topic the movie script covered and off it.

We’re not fluent, but with the aid of a Divine dictionary, we can leave you a tourist-quality message to investigate: Awa cheba welso.

Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures.