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Which Sci-Fi Character Made Frequent Cross-Show Cameo Appearances On Non-Sci-Fi TV?

The Observer
The Doctor
Fox Mulder
Captain Kirk
What Early Plastic Was Created As An Alternative To Beetle Shells?

Answer: The Observer

While it isn’t unheard of for a Sci-Fi character to make a cameo appearance in another Sci-Fi television show, it’s almost entirely unheard of for Sci-Fi characters to make appearances in non-Sci-Fi television programming.

That is, unless, the character is The Observer from the Fox Sci-Fi series Fringe. As part of a subtle but far reaching promotion for the popular Sci-Fi series, Fox inserted The Observer–a mysterious and very easily recognized character from the series–into dozens of situations across their networks in a bid to link the story line of the show with our own timeline/reality. The Observer was seen in the audience of American Idol, at the NASCAR Sprint Cup, and watching a Yankees game, among other appearances.