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Which Sci-Fi Actor Raised $25,000 For Charity By Selling His Kidney Stone?

Arnold Schwarzeneggar
Nathan Fillion
Charleton Heston
William Shatner
What Fluid Is So Similar To Blood Plasma That It Can Be Used For IV Infusions?

Answer: William Shatner

In 2006, while working on the set of Boston Legal, William Shatner experienced excrutiating stomach pain and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors removed a sizable kidney stone and Shatner recieved an offer we less-famous folks would never have received:–the online gambling house known for their self-promoting stunts–offered to buy his kidney stone for $10,000. Shatner had this to say about it:

When I was contacted about selling my kidney stone to for an original price of $15,000 I turned it down knowing that my tunics from Star Trek have commanded more than $100,000. I offered the stone, stint and string for $25,000 and informed them that 100% of the proceeds would go to benefit Habitat for Humanity and I retain visitation rights.

GoldenPalace agree, cut a check for $25,000 for Habitat for Humanity (which the cast of Boston Legal matched) and the charity ended up with a sizable donation on behalf of Mr. Shatner’s misbehaving kidneys.