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Which Sci-Fi Actor Appeared In The Show That Inspired Him To Pursue Acting?

John Hurt
David Tennant
Jonathan Frakes
Keith David
"Buck", The Common Slang Term For U.S. Dollars, Originated With Which Of These Industries?

Answer: David Tennant

As a young boy growing up in Scotland, David Tennant was–like many children in the United Kingdom–completely in love with the BBC television series Doctor Who. Unlike most children, however, Tennant made good on his claims that he would one day be the good Doctor.

At the age of sixteen, twelve years after telling his parents he planned to grow up and play the Doctor, Tennant landed his first television acting gig. From there he continued to work his way towards his goal until, in 2005, he was cast as the Tenth Doctor. Tennant was the Doctor from 2005 until 2010.