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Which Real-Life Royalty Made A Star Trek Guest Appearance and Funded a Star Trek Theme Park?

Queen Elizabeth
Hans Adam II
King Abdullah II
Aga Khan IV
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Answer: King Abdullah II

There’s Star Trek fans, there’s people with deep pockets, and there’s royalty. The Venn diagram of those three things, as you could imagine, produces a rather small intersection. Located firmly in the center of those overlapping interests, however, you will find one King Abdullah II, the reigning King of Jordan.

King Abdullah is, among other things, a dedicated Sci-Fi fan with a more than passing interest in television and film. In 1996, while he was still a Prince, he made a guest appearance in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Investigations”. As he’s not a member of the Screen Actors Guild, it was a non-speaking part. We’re confident that as a long time Star Trek fan he was thrilled, regardless.

In addition to his guest appearance, King Abdullah is the principle investor for a Star Trek themed park which will open in 2014 as part of the 1.5 billion dollar Red Sea Astrarium project in Aqaba, Jordan.