Geek Trivia

Which Product Name Is A Clever Anagram Of What They Supply?

Which Of These Commonly Used Internet Terms Was First Used In A Similar Context Back In The 17th Century?

Answer: Kobo

Kobo, based out of Toronto, is the world’s second most prolific ebook reader manufacturer behind Amazon (and with a global market share more than that of Barnes & Noble and Sony combined). The company was originally known as Shortcovers (back when they were a virtual bookstore and a division of popular Canadian bookstore Indigo Books & Music, but not yet an ebook reader manufacturer). After a series of mergers, purchases, and restructurings, Shortcovers was rebranded and its reach extended with a manufacturing division in charge of producing ebook readers.

The name of the new company, Kobo, isn’t just a shorter and, arguably, more elegant name than Shortcovers, it’s also a clever anagram of the service the Kobo reader provides; Kobo is an anagram for Book.

Image courtesy of Kobo.