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Which Pop Artist’s Stage Name Is The Result Of An Auto Correct Typo?

Black Eyed Peas
Lady Gaga
Flo Rida
Which Entire Family Of Plants, Save For A Sole Exception, Is Only Indigenous To The Americas?

Answer: Lady Gaga

In what may be the first case of a pop superstar finding their moniker by route of smartphone autocorrect typo algorithms, we have exhibit A: pop superstar Lady Gaga. Born Stefani Germanotta, Lady Gaga began her music career in the mid-2000s with the formation of the SGBand (a compressed and more word-of-mouth friendly version of the Stefani Germanotta Band).

In 2006, she teamed up with music producer Rob Fusari; he compared her vocal harmonies to Freddie Mercury and got in the habit of singing a bit of the Queen song “Radio Ga Ga” when greeting her in the studio. While the two of them were trying to think of a memorable stage name for her, the predictive text auto correct feature on Fusari’s phone changed a portion of his text that should have read “Radio Ga Ga” into “Lady Ga Ga” and, with a minor adjustment to “Lady Gaga,” a superstar moniker was born.

Image courtesy of IndianBio.