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Which Pixar Film Was Simultaneously Their Last VHS Release And First Blu-Ray Release?

Finding Nemo
For the Indian Auto Market, Car Makers Build Special What?

Answer: Cars

If you’re looking for a film to mark the transition between the analog days of cassette-based media and the rise of high-definition digital content in the 21st century, we’d suggest you skip over first Blu-ray releases like The Fifth Element and The Terminator and focus on the popular Pixar film Cars.

Why Cars? The film was released on home media in time for the 2006 holiday shopping season on DVD and, in much smaller quantities, on VHS. In fact, Cars was the last Pixar film released on VHS and 2006 was the last year a major Hollywood film was released on VHS, period. The next year, again for the holiday shopping season, Pixar released Cars as their first Blu-ray title making Cars both Pixar’s first high-definition release, their last analog release, and a pretty good marker for the end of an era.

Image courtesy of Pixar.