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Which Party Game Got Off The Ground Thanks To A Tonight Show Appearance?

Trivial Pursuit
The Highest Grossing Entertainment Event In History Was A?
Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor playing Twister on The Tonight Show
The Tonight Show

Answer: Twister

The now iconic party game Twister got off to a rough start. In 1965, the game’s creators pitched it to the game company Milton Bradley. Mel Taft, then senior vice-president of R & D for the company, thought a game where the players were the pieces had enormous potential.

In the 1960s, however, a game where players ended up tangled with each other and with a lot of body contact was seen as too risqué. Several major retailers refused to carry the game after its release in 1966, and Milton Bradley intended to discontinue the product.

Twister’s saving grace came in the form of movie star Eva Gabor. A public relations firm in charge of promoting Twister had arranged for the game to appear on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Carson and Gabor played the game in front of millions, and the next day people were lined up outside of toy stores around the country looking to buy the game—and most certainly on the merit of it being rather risqué.