Geek Trivia

Which Of These U.S. Cities Renamed Itself For A Day To Celebrate Pokemon?

Topeka, Kansas
Portland, Oregon
Tampa, Florida
Seattle, Washington
Coffee Was Originally Decaffeinated Using What Toxic Chemical?

Answer: Topeka, Kansas

To understand today’s trivia, you’ll need to cast your mind back to the very late 20th century, a far more refined time when the most important thing, Beanie Babies aside, was Pokémon. In 1996, Nintendo released Pokémon Red and Green in Japan and the game began an immediate and meteoric rise.

By 1998, the popularity of the game drove an introduction into the U.S. market which unfolded in a way which, frankly, we can all be a little sad we missed out on. Nintendo convinced the mayor of Topeka, Kansas to rename the city to ToPikachu, Kansas for a single day. On that day, August 27, 1998, Nintendo threw a massive release party for Pokémon that included game giveaways as well as a helicopter sweeping over the crowds and airdropping plush Pikachu figures with little parachutes attached to them.

Pokémon Red & Blue debuted later that year and the Pokémon franchise went on to become a juggernaut that is still chugging along today.

Image courtesy of Nintendo.