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Which Of These Proteins Was Named Based On The Part Of The Body It Affects?

Noggin (NOG)
Shinsin (SHN)
Legsin (LGS)
Scalpin (SCP)
Scientists Can Reconstruct The Path Lewis and Clark Followed By Searching For?

Answer: Noggin (NOG)

Noggin is a term of indeterminate origin and made its first written appearance as a reference to a person’s head in American English around 1866. Not only is it a slang term, but also a scientific term related, not uncoincidentally, to the body part it refers to.

After Richard M. Harland and William C. Smith, working at the University of California, Berkeley discovered a protein responsible for a myriad of developmental functions in the body, including–rather critically–the development of the palate, mandible, and skulls of babies and infants, the name of the protein was, well, a no-brainer. Given the importance of the protein and the role it plays, they named it “Noggin” after the slang term for head.