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Which Of These Performers Promoted An Album Release With Giant Statues Of Themself?

Michael Jackson
Mariah Carey
Kanye West
Which Of These Bands Derives Its Name From Military Slang?

Answer: Michael Jackson

Back in 1996, nearly a dozen enormous statues popped up around the world standing thirty feet tall, weighing around 20,000 pounds, and displaying the sculpted visage of none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The statues were massive replicas of the statue Jackson had commissioned from sculptor Diana Walczak for the cover of his 1996 album HIStory: Past, Present, and Future, Book I. The sculpture portrayed Jackson in his then trademark pseudo-military costume of choice, stylized bandoleers across his chest, fists clenched, and jaw set as he gazed off into the distance. The album release was accompanied by a global tour and the statues served as a very high profile promotional item with the massive Michaels stationed in Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, and even towed right down the Thames in London on a barge.

While few of the statues remain today, the one in the Netherlands was donated by Jackson to a local Ronald McDonald House Charity which in turn auctioned it off. The statue, seen here, was purchased, fittingly, by the owner of a local McDonald’s Best. It has remained at that location and, after Michael’s death in 2009, became a shrine for local fans.

Image courtesy of Sony Music.