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Which Of These Performers Has An Album Cover Created With A Game Boy?

Pearl Jam
Backstreet Boys
Neil Young
Canada And Which Of These U.S. States Have Very Similar Population Sizes?

Answer: Neil Young

In early 2000, Neil Young released his 24th studio album, titled “Silver & Gold”. The cover art for the album featured a pixelated figure against a white background with sepia tones that seem to echo the silver and gold title of the album. It would be easy to write the cover art off as turn-of-the-millennium dabbling in digital artwork (and, in fairness, it is), but there’s a cute backstory behind it.

The image was captured by his daughter Amber, using the very low resolution camera attachment available for the Game Boy. While the image itself is a testament to how low resolution the camera is, putting it into numeric form really drives it home. The camera was released in 1998 and only capable of 128×112 pixel resolution images. By comparison, a nice camera phone today can take a photo with a resolution of 4000×3000 pixels.

While we know for certain that the photo was taken with a Game Boy accessory, there’s never been any word on whether Neil was influenced to name the album “Silver & Gold” in a nod to the 1999 GameBoy titles Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Gold. Possibly? Probably not. We’ll just have to wait to hear from Amber.

Image courtesy of Reprise.