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Which Of These Iconic 1980s Movies Theme Song Triggered A Lawsuit?

The Goonies
Back To The Future
Which Star Trek Iconic Lent His Voice To A Decepticon In The 1986 Transformers Movie?

Answer: Ghostbusters

“Ghostbusters” is the eponymous theme song to the film of the same name, recorded in 1984 by Ray Parker, Jr. The song features Parker’s vocals, wailing synthesizers, a catchy beat, and a really uncanny resemblance to a Huey Lewis song.

Such an uncanny resemblance in fact that Huey Lewis took Ray Parker to court over the musical similarities between the aforementioned theme song and his hit “I Want a New Drug”. The case was settled out of court, so we’re not privy to the details the legal defense laid out matching the two songs together, but thanks to modern technology we don’t have to.

More than a few curious folks have mashed up “Ghostbusters” and “I Want a New Drug” (hit up YouTube if you’re curious), and we’re here to tell you that “Ghostbusters” fits so beautifully over “I Want a New Drug” you’d think the two of them co-wrote the mashup.