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Which Of These Fruits And Vegetables Is Composed Of The Most Water?

Which Of These U.S. States Is Known For An Architectural Detail Called A "Witch Window"?

Answer: Cucumber

They might seem like they’re the most water-filled fruit or vegetable, but despite their name, watermelons are only 92 percent water (which is, in fairness, pretty darn water-filled).

The title of most water-filled fruit or vegetable, by contrast, is a tie between the cucumber and iceberg lettuce, both with 96 percent water content. In fact vegetables win, hands down, in this contest as among commonly consumed fruits and vegetables the top eight are vegetables: cucumber (96 percent), iceberg lettuce (96 percent), celery (95 percent), radish (95 percent), zucchini (95 percent), red tomatoes (94 percent), green tomatoes (93 percent), and green cabbage (93 percent).

If sitting down with a big bowl of cold chopped up radishes on a hot day sounds like a terrible treat, don’t worry. As long as a fruit or vegetable has at least 85 percent water content, you can use it as a form of hydration–that puts the significantly sweeter watermelon safely in the category of hydrating treats.