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Which Of These Early Video Games Had A Cast Of Forty Actors?

Road Blaster
Time Traveler
Cube Quest
Night Trap
Marge Simpson's Towering Blue Hair Was Originally Intended To Conceal?

Answer: Time Traveler

Early video games were so simple that they had no actors, and modern video games have casts of CGI characters voiced by real actors, but for a brief period in video game history, there was an overlap between film and gaming. During the rise of interactive movie games in the late 1980s and into the 1990s, video games suddenly had cast lists that could rival small movie productions.

One such game, notable for being billed as the “World’s First Holographic Video Game” (even though it was really just a very clever optical illusion and not actually a hologram), was Time Traveler (1991). The game follows the exploits of a time traveling cowboy who encounters dozens of different characters throughout history in his adventures. While many of the characters in the game were portrayed by the same actors donning different costumers, all told, forty different actors appeared in the movie-based game and the footage for the game was shot as if they were creating a live action film.

The heyday of such interactive-movie style games was short, however, and none of the games that followed Time Traveler had even close to the extensive cast list it had.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia/Digital Leisure.