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Which Of These Categories Is Officially Banned By The Guinness Book Of World Records?

Free Diving
Sword Swallowing
Coin Collecting
Fattest Pets
The First Word Processor Was Known As?

Answer: Fattest Pets

If you’re looking to win fame and fortune through the largess of your feline friend, you’re out of luck. Although historically, The Guinness Book of World Records did have entries for fattest pets such as the fattest cat (the last cat of such record was named Himmy, hailed from Queensland, and weighed 46.8 pounds), you can no longer enter your morbidly obese pets for records of any sort.

This change is a result of Guinness rule updates which forbid the setting of any record as a result of the cruelty to or abuse of an animal in order to discourage people from purposely overfeeding their pets in a bid to get into the record book.

Other rules regarding record setting involve protection of minors (no child may hold a record for any activity which is illegal or inappropriate for a child to engage in) and the banning of any subjective records (there are no records for subjective matters such as beauty, best flavor, or other matters of opinion).