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Which Of The Beatles’ Songs Was Written Just To Confuse Fans?

I Am The Walrus
Tomorrow Never Knows
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Revolution 9
Which British Knight Had A Sword Forged From A Meteorite?

Answer: I Am The Walrus

For decades, fans have enjoyed analyzing the lyrics of songs in The Beatles’ catalog. While many songs have debatable lyrics and tease out nuances that may or may not be there, there’s one song that’s simply beyond analysis: “I Am The Walrus”.

Why is it beyond analysis? Because it was intended to be nonsensical specifically because of people analyzing Beatles songs. In 1967, a student from John Lennon’s old high school, Quarry Bank High School, wrote to tell him that his teacher was using Beatles songs as part of lessons focused on analyzing meanings in creative works.

Apparently, Lennon was rather amused by the whole thing (and the greater phenomenon of fans in general obsessing over their songs’ lyrics), so when it came time to write the lyrics for “I Am The Walrus”, the point of the exercise was to create something that couldn’t be untangled because it didn’t mean anything in the first place.

Image courtesy of Capitol Records.