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Which Novel Is Stephen King’s Longest?

Under the Dome
The Stand
Which Disney Park Was Originally Intended To Be A Populated Community?

Answer: The Stand

The Stand, aside from being one of Stephen King’s earliest and best known works, is absolutely tenacious when it comes to holding down a record. When it was first published in 1978 it was King’s largest volume to date at a whopping 823 pages. Eight years later in 1986, It blew that record out of the water with a hefty 1142 pages. That could have been the end of the whole affair, with It holding the record right up until the present day, but The Stand came off the ropes swinging. In 1990, King and Doubleday Publishing released an uncut edition of The Stand that weighed in at a mighty 1152 pages.

The fight certainly isn’t over, however, as King still produces lengthy works (2009’s release, Under the Dome tips the scales at 1074 pages); there just might be a record breaking novel still waiting in the wings.

Image courtesy of Doubleday.