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Which Musician Has Made Multiple Cameos On Star Trek?

Mick Fleetwood
Tom Morello
Bob Dylan
Geddy Lee
At The Top Of The First Escalator Installed In London, An Attendant Would Offer Shoppers?

Answer: Tom Morello

Tom Morello, best known as a founding member and lead guitarist of the group Rage Against the Machine, is also a die-hard Star Trek fan. In 1998 he contacted Star Trek producer Rick Berman and asked if he could have a cameo appearance.

Berman, whose son was a big fan of Rage Against the Machine, placed Morello as an uncredited Son’a officer in Star Trek: Insurrection. Morello later went on to appear in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Good Shepherd”.

Morello later returned the cross-universe cameo favor by giving Voyager actor Garrett Wang a cameo in the Rage Against the Machine music video “Sleep Now in the Fire”.