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Which Movie Franchise Has The Longest Gap Between The First Release And Sequel?

The Nutty Professor
Die Hard
Star Wars
The Largest Tire Manufacturer In The World Is?

Answer: Bambi

Many a film-franchise fan has known the agonizing wait for a sequel film. X-Files fans had to wait just over 10 years between X-Files films. Fans of Clerks had to wait nearly 12 years for Clerks II. There was a 13 year gap between Exorcist II and Exorcist III.

All of those waits pale in comparison, however, to how long Disney took to get around to releasing a second Bambi film. The first Bambi film hit the silver screen back in 1942 and a little over 63 years later Walt Disney Studios released Bambi II in 2006.

Putting aside the quality of Bambi II and focusing on the time span, we’re entirely sure the Disney company is in it to win it when it comes to long-haul release schedules as the Bambi release cycle certainly doesn’t stand alone. Other films in the Disney stable have equally as long release schedules. The distance between the first and second Fantasia films was 59 years, Cinderalla: just shy of 52 years, Peter Pan: 49 years, and Lady and the Tramp: 45 years. In fact, out of the top 10 longest film franchise gaps, 6 of the 10 films are Disney productions.

Fortunately they’ve gotten a little more punctual with their newer films. Fans of The Little Mermaid only had to wait a mere 10 years and 307 days for The Little Mermaid II.