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Which Movie Featured A Different Ending Depending On Which Theater You Saw It In?

Groundhog Day
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
The First Movie Exhibition Spaces Were Called?

Answer: Clue

Clue: The Movie was a 1985 comedy-mystery based on the popular board game. The premise of the board game is that a variety of guests are invited to a mansion, one shows up dead, and the players must use their powers of examination and logic to deduce who the murderer among them is. In adapting the game to the big screen, writer/director Jonathan Lynn did his best to keep the who-done-it and multiple-possible-endings sense of mystery and fun that came with the actual game. Although tricky to pull off such a stunt before digital filming and distribution, he filmed three separate endings which were spliced into the films before distribution across the country (as such you could watch the film on one side of town and then drive to the other side of town and find out the murderer was a completely different dinner guest).

When the movie was later broadcast on television and released on VHS, it was typically run with all three endings right in a row with the third one billed as the true ending. With the advent of DVD technology, viewers can opt to get a random ending and replicate the theater experience.

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.