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Which Mammal Has The Highest Hair Density On Earth?

Three Toed Sloths
Sea Otters
The New York City Nickname "Gotham" Was Coined By?

Answer: Sea Otters

We will absolutely forgive you if you guessed chinchillas as your answer for this trivia question. Very few of us have a sea otter, an ermine, or a sloth as a pet, but chinchillas are a (relatively) popular exotic pet and their fur is astoundingly soft. None the less, despite a fur density of 20,000 hairs per square centimeter (which is approximately 100 times more dense than the hair on our heads), the chinchilla can’t even hold a candle to the incredibly dense and luxurious fur of the otter.

Eurasian otters have a hair density of up to 80,000 hairs per square centimeter (approximately 400 times more than us) and their close cousins the sea otters have a hair density of 140,000 hairs per square centimeter—an astounding 700 times more hair per square centimeter than we have. The purpose of all that hair, besides looking adorable of course, is to help insulate their bodies so that life in the sea isn’t colder and shorter than it need be.

If sea otters could open a hair restoration center with results built upon their superior hair growing genetics, they’d have such a profitable model that they could live a life of luxury fishing and cracking open oysters simply for the sport of it.

Image courtesy of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Wikimedia.