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Which Iconic American Food Was Originally Packaged In Cologne Bottles?

Grey Poupon
Tabasco Sauce
Heinz Ketchup
Jack Daniel's Whiskey
In Hong Kong, The Majority Of Residents Flush Their Toilets With?

Answer: Tabasco Sauce

The very first bottles of Tabasco sauce were packaged in a rather thrifty fashion. The spicy hot sauce was first produced in 1868 by Marylander-turned-Louisianian Edmund Mcllhenny and bottled in discarded cologne bottles, as the small opening of the bottle did an excellent job keeping the diner from shaking out too much of the hot sauce at once.

He gifted the first bottles to family and friends where it proved to be a very popular condiment. When Mcllhenny began selling to the public, he ordered thousands of new bottles from the glassworks company in New Orleans that made the bottles for the cologne companies. To this day, Tabasco sauce bottles are modeled after the early cologne bottles Mcllhenny recycled, over 700,000 of which are filled in the their Avery Island, Louisiana factory on a typical day.

Image by Skb8721.