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Which Game Console Was Marketed In Korea As The “Super Aladdin Boy”?

Nintendo 64
Sega Genesis
Game Boy
Super Nintedo
What Is The Oldest Known Analog Computer In The World?

Answer: Sega Genesis

With a name like “Super Aladdin Boy”, surely the game console marketed in Korea had to be related to Nintendo in some way, right? A rebranded Super Nintendo Entertainment System? An offshoot of the iconic Game Boy line?

Surprisingly, because the marketing strategies used in foreign markets don’t often make a lot of sense to outsiders, the “Super Aladdin Boy” was a rebranded Sega Genesis console distributed and sold by Samsung on behalf of Sega. Even stranger, that wasn’t the original name. Before switching to “Super Aladdin Boy”, the console was marketed as “Super Gam*Boy”. Considering the Korean launch of the Sega Genesis was months later after the release (and immediate popularity of) the Nintendo Game Boy, it’s extra strange that they did not keep the original rebranded name.