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Which Game Console Was Designed to Discourage Drink-Related Damage?

Sega Genesis
Neo Geo
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
The First U.S. Federal Official To Be Sworn In On An Ebook Reader Was?

Answer: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Released to North American audiences in 1991, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) had a different exterior than the Super Famicon (the Japanese version of the SNES). The differences were more than simply cosmetic.

Specifically, the SNES case was designed with raised buttons, tiered surfaces, and a domed cartridge bay where as the Super Famicon was, by comparison, nearly flat. At first glance it may just appear to be an aesthetic choice but it was driven by careful market testing and feedback from Nintendo repair centers.

The US version of the first generation Nintendo console, the Nintendo Entertainment System, was a very boxy console with a flat top. So flat that players would frequently place drinks on top of it and, albeit less frequently, would spill those same drinks. When it came time to launch a new North American console, the design was tweaked specifically to discourage players from placing things on top of the unit and decrease the amount of consoles sent in for repairs.